FEATURED QUOTE from local medical doctor on our level of service:

"Dr. Williams and Dr. Richardson are ​ fantastic chiropractors​ with a top-notch staff. They are highly skilled, compassionate and caring. ​The staff is kind and courteous, and ​they ​make patients feel ​immediately ​welcomed and comfortable. I ​always feel confident that my patients will be treated well when I refer them to Williams Chiropractic.”

- M. Hilts M.D.

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K-Laser class 4 laser therapy treatments are available through chiropractic clinics and other health care providers to help you recover from a variety of ailments. This video explains the mechanism behind K-Laser class 4 laser therapy treatments. Ask your doctor how K-Laser class 4 laser therapy treatments can help you. If your doctor does not offer K-Laser class 4 laser therapy treatments, visit k-laserusa.com and in the upper right hand corner click on 'Find a Provider'. You can input your zip code to find K-Laser providers near you.

Laser Treatment and Back Pain

Dr. Aaron Williams, DC talks about non-invasive, affordable, and effective laser treatment for treating chronic symptoms such as lower back pain.

Laser treatment lower back pain Pain Management Centers of North Carolina



Laser Treatment in the Big Leagues

See how Steve Donohue, Assistant Athletic Trainer of the New York Yankees uses laser therapy to treat player injuries.


Laser therapy and professional sports



Doctor & Patient Testimonial

Patient Kayla Siedman says "The laser was very easy...laser really helps...it lets me run and walk more freely and easily."


Laser therapy for runners walkers lower back



Laser Therapy Testimonials

"This was painless and only took a few minutes. No pain at all!" - Tony S.



Laser therapy client testimonials


Common Conditions we treat with cold laser therapy:

Cold laser therapy can treat many conditions including:

5 reasons not to get cortisone injections

5 Reasons to avoid Cortisone Injections


Blocking inflammation often provides significant, albeit temporary, pain relief. However, inflammation is the primary healing mechanism of the body. Inhibiting the inflammatory process with cortisone injections or anti-inflammatory medications (Advil, Motrin, Ibuprofen, Alleve, etc.) can seriously delay or even stop the healing process. Delayed healing of injured tissue usually leads to the over-accumulation of scar tissue and weakening of the muscles, ligaments and tendons. This often makes the injured tissue even more likely to be injured again in the future.

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Peripheral Neuropathy

A special letter from Dr. Williams to all those suffering from Peripheral Neuropathy. READ LETTERbottom of feet, peripheral neuropathy, Pain Management Centers of NC


2014 ACC Tournament Chiropractor

2014 ACC Tournament logoWilliams Chiropractic & Decompression Center has been asked to be the Chiropractor of the 2014 ACC Tournament in Greensboro, NC.